My Mussel 6000 Experience

My Mussel 6000 Experience

I would like to tell about my experience after taking the Good Health Green Mussel Extract.

“I have had advanced osteoarthritis in my right knee and since October 2014 it has deteriorated to the point where I could not it mobilise properly. The only option left for me was surgery which was scheduled for 2nd of April'15. I was mentally unprepared for the surgery and cancelled it. A friend of mine suggested I try the Good Health Green Lipped Mussel Extract as it had helped her husband, who had the same problem. So I started taking the capsules. Soon the swelling in the knee subsided, my gait improved, the stiffness in the joint went away, I was also able to climb stairs and resume exercise as the pain had decreased. I am more than happy with my results from this product.

I wanted to share this with you,

Thank you,

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