Turmeric 15800 Complex does wonders for my circulation

Turmeric 15800 Complex does wonders for my circulation

Dear Good Health,
I would like to tell you about my personal experience with taking Turmeric 15800.

I have lived with Vasculitis for over 20 years. I have never experienced the self-satisfaction and relief that one capsule of Turmeric did for my circulation. My legs and feet are often quite sore and I get a tingling sensation in them. My right leg which is always slower to work felt amazing. My whole system felt alive. 

Even the occasional niggles in my abdomen that I experience (although nothing of any concern) have felt better.
I also have external skin inflammation in the area around my toes and heels. This is improving and even the colour of my legs is getting better too. I feel my digestive system could be beginning to improve as well, although it’s still very early days.

Good Luck with your great product.

From one satisfied customer.
Rhona Hanrahan

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