5 Great Ways to Recover After Exercise

5 Great Ways to Recover After Exercise

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The thing most athletes forget is that there are many systems in your body that need repairing, not just your muscles. It’s easy to feel guilty about taking time off when you’ve got a goal in mind, but without the appropriate recovery, you can damage your body, not to mention throw out the balance in your life. These are our top tips for the ultimate exercise recovery:

 #1. Hydrate


Hydration is key to both your performance during exercise and your recovery afterwards. Water helps to transport nutrients around your body as well as regulating your body temperature and lubricating your joints. Without it, you could experience muscle cramps, fatigue and dizziness. You should be drinking one litre of water for every hour that you exercise, to the point where your urine is a very pale yellow if not clear.

#2. Eat


It seems simple but without a balanced diet, your body can’t get what it needs to recover. You need fats to fuel your hormones and joints, protein to repair your muscles, and carbohydrates to replenish your energy sources. Ideally, you should aim to eat within an hour of exercising.

 #3. Cool Down


So many people make the mistake of stopping as soon as the exercise is done. This sudden shock to the system can make your muscles stiff and sore. The trick is to slowly cool down – do a light jog after the game, or drop down to a walk after your run. This will help your contracting muscles move around the excess lactic acid that causes the achiness.

 #4. Get Your Blood Pumping


Having blood flow in and out of your worked body parts helps them to recover faster. Getting that extra oxygen into your muscles goes a long way, so try stretching or doing hot-colds in the shower (alternating every 30-60 seconds between hot and cold running water) after your workout. This will increase your circulation and help your overall recovery. Check out some more tips to increase your circulation here.

 #5. Massage


Massage is a great way to move inflammatory fluids out of your muscles. Schedule a monthly massage (just the excuse you needed!) or rub magnesium cream into the affected areas as you need it. Magnesium is a muscle relaxant and by rubbing it directly onto your skin, you bypass the gastro-intestinal tract and absorb all the therapeutic properties directly into the bloodstream. Because your skin is your body’s largest organ, the relief is fast and efficient. This is great for those wanting muscle support during the day (especially if you’re partaking in physical activity) because it eliminates the risk of a laxative effect, which can sometimes happen when magnesium is ingested.

The Sky City Northern Mystics use Good Health Magnesium Cream frequently. Here’s what their physio had to say about it:

“I regularly use the Good Health Magnesium Cream on our players. It has a lovely smooth texture and smell, and the players feel that it helps with their muscle tightness and general overall sore bodies.” – Sharon Choie, Sky City Northern Mystics Physio.

Rest and recovery is crucial to your overall performance and wellbeing. Look after your body and take the appropriate steps to ensure you’re living a balanced life – you’ll get better results that way.

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