5 Tips for Busy Parents: Helping You Stay Healthy

5 Tips for Busy Parents: Helping You Stay Healthy

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#1. Eat Breakfast

So many parents delay their first meal of the day because they’re too busy getting their kids ready for school, but if you don’t eat before 10am (or within three hours of waking up), you could sacrifice your energy levels, your ability to concentrate, and potentially your eating habits for the rest of the day. While saving time by skipping meals is tempting, it will inevitably make the rest of your day a lot harder. Try to eat breakfast with the family if you can, or feed yourself before you feed the kids. There are plenty of quick and easy breakfast options that will give you enough fuel to kick-start your day, without monopolising too much of your time. Whizz up a healthy smoothie or have a protein shake – it will make a huge difference.


#2. Exercise

Exercise is one of the first things that gets pushed aside for super parents. When you’re busy working and raising children, it can feel like there is absolutely no time to fit in physical activity. Exercise does wonders for your mood, your immune system, your energy levels, and your metabolism. The trick is to take exercise off its pedestal and break it down into something that feels more achievable. You don’t have to go to the gym for hours a day to reap the benefits. Take the kids for a bike ride, do some simple stretches, try a fitness class during your lunch break – mix it up and take the pressure off, a little bit of exercise goes a long way.


#3. De-stress

Adrenal fatigue has been coined “the 21st century stress syndrome” and it’s becoming more and more common among busy parents. With a mix of sleep deprivation, a constant stream of high-pressure situations and relentless demands on both mental and physical health, it’s no wonder the super parents of today are worn out.

The long-term effects of stress on the body are vast and if not nipped in the bud, can result in serious health issues. So when it’s all feeling a bit much, stop and breathe. Whatever you need to do to relieve your stress, do it. Try incorporating some natural supplements into your day-to-day routine – magnesium is great for relaxing muscle tension and supporting quality sleep; B vitamins help support healthy energy levels, and adaptogen herbs help your body adapt better to stress.

Some people find yoga really helpful; Body & Soul Mums recommends taking five minutes to do two stress-busting stretches: Downward Dog (to stretch your body from head to toe), and Child’s Pose (to ease tension).


#4. Look After Your Skin

If you look refreshed, often you feel it too. Unfortunately, your skin is one of the first parts of your body to outwardly show the effects of stress and sleep deprivation. A lot of what keeps your skin in good condition has to do with what’s happening inside. Eat lots of fruit, vegetables, good fats and protein to build collagen. Evening Primrose Oil and omega 6 fatty acids are some of the best things you can ingest to feed your skin from the inside out, resulting in smooth skin, strong nails and shiny hair.


#5. Sleep

If you’re a busy parent, you probably dream of a good night’s sleep… at least you would if you were getting some shut-eye. While actually getting the time to fit in a proper night’s rest is usually a problem, half the battle if often getting to sleep once in bed. Running at full speed all day, every day can make it really difficult to wind down at night… even when you’re exhausted. Getting into a routine, reducing your caffeine intake and staying away from technology an hour or so before bed are some ways (among others) that can help your body prepare for sleep, otherwise natural supplements like magnesium, 5HTP and Panatonin can help. Regardless of whether it’s exercise, a hot bath or natural sleep aids that help you accomplish a decent sleep, invest in it. Without sleep you can face a slew of health issues, but with it, you’ll be equipped to take on the world.

5 Tips for Busy Parents: Helping You Stay Healthy

At the end of the day, being a healthy and happy parent is good for your kids, so while you’re putting off eating, exercising and sleeping for them, it’s important that you do what you can to look after yourself – it’s best for everyone.


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