A Marriage made in Digestion:

A Marriage made in Digestion:

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Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant. An extract of the Curcuma Longa plant, this herbal nutrient supports neuroprotection for the brain. Turmeric helps support effective neurotransmitter production, function and it naturally contains polyphenols which also have a positive effect on beneficial bacteria within the gut.


Friendly bacteria help to balance and restore gut flora. This supports everyday immunity, digestion and healthy nervous system function. It means that the environment in which all these healthy body responses occur, is a nourishing one. Healthy neurotransmitter function relies on the support of beneficial gut bacteria. 

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So where do these two powerful nutrients meet? 

The marriage takes place in the Gut-Brain Axis. What this means is that the synergistic combination of probiotics and the potent action of turmeric, support optimal neurotransmitter communication between the gut and the brain. This in turn supports the nervous system pathway we call Rest and Digest via the vagus nerve. A healthy vagus nerve response supports a healthy heart rate, blood pressure and stress response. 

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Where is the best place to find this matrimonial combination?

Good Health Turmeric Probiotic Complex combines turmeric’s powerful properties including antioxidant protection to help support mood, digestion and healthy neurological function alongside the well-known immune and gut health benefits of probiotics. Both working together to support a more effective gut-brain axis pathway in the body, resulting in a better sense of health and enhancing the two-way conversation between the gut and the brain. For a happily ever after of everyday wellbeing. 

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Good Health, Auckland. TAPS PP3054

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