Aloe Vera: Immune issues, Chronic fatigue and digestive problems

Aloe Vera: Immune issues, Chronic fatigue and digestive problems

My daughter Chloe has been suffering from what could best be described as ME for most of her childhood years. Her glands were always swollen, her temperature would spike up several times a day and was generally unwell and, with virtually no immunity, would catch everything going. Blood tests and other medical examinations could find no explanation for these problems.

In addition to these symptoms, last October, at the age of 19 she developed very severe abdominal pain which necessitated 3 admissions to Hospital, of approximately a week each, as well as 8 visits to the Emergency department. During this time she has had numerous Xrays, ultrasounds, a CT scan, Gastroscopies, and a Barium study. No cause was found although her pain was such that she was being given Pethedine every 2 hours for days on end, and was unable to eat or drink at all. Her yellow colouring testified to the fact that her liver was seriously effected. Her situation, and her future were extremely bleak.

At the time of her first admission to hospital, in October, I began to give her your Aloe Vera juice, beginning with 5 mls 3 x daily and gradually increasing to 40mls 3 x daily. By January she felt and looked better than she ever had in her life. She noticed that her head felt clearer, she needed less sleep, had more energy and her glands were no longer tender. In fact, even at the time of wrting, a year later, she still has not had a cold of flu whereas previously she was always getting sick.

I wish I could say that she has not had any further recurrences but this year she has again required 3 more hospital stays for the pain but on each of these occasions it has been because she either missed taking her Aloe Vera juice or on one of the occasions she had tried reducing the quantity she takes.

Both Chloe and myself firmly believe that she owes her well-being wholly to the anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing qualities of Aloe Vera as during this whole year, (other than the Pethedine to ease her pain whilst in hospital), she has taken no other medication or products. The improvement in her general health can only be attributed to the Aloe Vera and the latest bouts of pain, whilst debilitating, have decreased in severity. We know that whatever is wrong is being both soothed and healed.

Thank you for your wonderful product – the benefits have been nothing short of miraculous.

S Smith

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