An easily digestible source of super nutrition

An easily digestible source of super nutrition

My name is Alex Fort and I am the current New Zealand and Oceania Canoe Racing Champion. I am also a National Surf Life Saving Gold Medallist and Swimmer.

I have been associated with Good Health New Zealand for many years now and have used and experimented with "Spirulina" extensively during this time. Spirulina provides me and easily digestible source of super nutrition. I uses it pre and post-race in Tablet form and between events in the powder which I mix in a protein drink.

I find the product helps me tremendously during my recovery phases. During competition I will take 5 grams at a time which I find sustains my energy without the need of having to digest food. The drinks are great for the same reason because I don't have to weigh my body down digesting food, the fuel is immediately available.

I know now what works well for me but would recommend that people try the product for them selves in various doses according to what energy expenditure you require and see for your self how it works.
Please feel free to contact me personally at any time if you require further information. We have some great drink recipes! :-)

Kind regards
Alex Fort

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