Flaxomega saved my dog's life

Flaxomega saved my dog's life

Hi Good Health,

My golden retriever Shannon had been diagnosed with myeloid leukaemia. Between Christmas and New Year she was sent home on palliative care with approximately 3 weeks to live.

I had read an article on the net about a similar situation in the U.S where the owner had used flax seed oil to cure his retrievers’ leukaemia. After reading the excellent research you had provided and in consultation with our vet it was decided we basically had nothing to loose – she was dying.

At the time of starting her on flax seed oil, she was also on colloidal silver and colloidal copper. Her clotting platelets had reached 11 – they should have been 250. Her white cell count was similar and the red blood cells were 25 – they should have been up around the 270 mark.

Blood tests done today have the Lab totally confused to the point they tested the same samples 3 times. Her white cells and clotting platelets are in the range of normal and red cells have started increasing – we would like to think we are heading towards remission. The instructions from our vet was, “Keep doing what you’re doing – don’t change a thing.”

I want to say thank you for your help and you can now add leukaemia to the list of possible successes due to flax seed oil.

Regards from a Very Happy,

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