Helpful naturopathic New Year resolutions

Helpful naturopathic New Year resolutions

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Create a better way of living

Every day healthy habits, are the foundations for a better way of living. Making New Year's resolutions is a good time to consider what is important to you; do you want to embrace each day, move your body more, eat for nourishment, or explore more of your own back yard? Think about what lifestyle changes you can make to achieve these goals. Planning is essential, and setting time aside each day (with the help of an alarm or calendar reminder) can set you on the right track.

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Remember that beauty shines from within

It can be too easy to be caught up with how we look on the outside and neglect how we feel on the inside. We are our own biggest judges but have you ever realised that in the moments you feel truly happy, you feel amazing both inside and out? In 2018 remember that beauty shines from within. Focus on being healthy, happy and remember the only thing that is important is how YOU feel.

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Always have a good night sleep

Sleep is an essential ingredient for all aspects of health, wellbeing and especially for our energy levels. Getting a good night's sleep can do a world of good however telling someone to "get more sleep" is easier said than done. Start by 'checking out' online, and 'checking-in' with yourself. This year, invest in an alarm clock and make your bedroom a device free zone. Go to your room an hour before bed, and use the time to write tomorrow's to-do list, catch up on a book or meditate - this will provide a relaxing end to your day, and set you up for a better tomorrow.

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Be Mindful

Life can be unpredictable and although some people would rather it wasn't, it is often uncontrollable. Embrace life the way it is; and don't sweat the small stuff. This coming year, be mindful in everything that you do. Notice something every day that you are thankful for to bring pleasure into your day and ensure you can see the beauty that 2018 has to offer.


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