How we get the most out of Turmeric

How we get the most out of Turmeric

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The active ingredient 'curcumin', which is part of the 'curcuminoid' complex of turmeric is what gives it that vibrant, yellow colour and is the reason for its renowned antioxidant status. However, one crucial fact that could mean the difference between simple dietary consumption and high quality absorption, is that turmeric requires a good source of fat, or another herbal addition like ginger or black pepper, to be absorbed properly along the gut lining. 

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Even in traditional Indian culture, they made turmeric into a drink using cow's milk, coconut oil and ginger, to help drive the nutrients through the gut wall and into the rest of the body, so this idea has carried through now, to modern times.

If only something as simple as that could suffice. Nowadays we live a fast paced life, which increases stress, affects our digestion and raises our requirements for more efficient levels of herbal extracts to be considered in supporting our constant, everyday needs. Also, the medium or carrier of the herb, if you like, plays a huge role in how the natural constituents of something like turmeric are effectively delivered during digestion.

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In the case of supplements, compounds of 'curcuminoids,' have been extensively studied and the significant interest in this traditional spice, has encouraged an ever growing demand for high-quality formulas. 

CurcuWIN® is a unique example of a highly bioavailable form of 'curcumin', formulated in a very special delivery system. This helps to increase intestinal surface permeability and maximises absorption. We recognise the need for 'curcumin' to be both in a water and good fat base, to enhance its effect on the whole system. 

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Black pepper in particular, encourages the bioavailability of turmeric - due to its spicy, hot property, 'piperine,' and again, is steeped in traditional use, with a strong backing in clinical studies. Other herbal extracts; Ginger, Boswellia, Withania and Artemisia annua are also helpful additions in creating formulas, which work together in synergy and increase absorption of turmeric, ensuring results. 

Turmeric has a whole host of benefits and works to maintain general health, from supporting blood pressure and joint health, to reigniting digestion and mood. By making the most of this beautiful spice by enhancing its absorption and effect, we place immeasurable worth on our health, for life.

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