Immediate benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil

Immediate benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil

Hi Good Health,

You may remember my emailing you (9 Sep) to ask about your Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules.

Now I feel you may be interested in a couple of immediate benefits - much to my surprise - I've had from taking these.

In 2003 I contracted temporal arteritis, a rather serious autoimmune condition that attacks blood vessels in the head, and which can cause blindness if not diagnosed and treated straight away. It was treated successfully with high doses of prednisone that were tapered off to zero over the following 14 months. Within days of taking the last of the prednisone, I began to have joint pains my doc said were due to polyarteritis rheumatica, which is closely related the arteritis, and this responded to another burst of prednisone. Ever since then I've had to take prednisone (earlier) and NSAIDs (later) for this condition. The NSAID tablets I took only when needed, which was roughly every second day.

Since 6 Sep when I began taking one of your oil caps per day, I haven't had to take a single NSAID!! This was entirely a surprise because my interest in taking the omega 3 oil depended on its role in maintaining healthy nerves - perhaps even warding off Alzheimer’s. So my reaction was not a placebo effect.

There's something else, too. I have peripheral neuropathy, one effect of which is painfully burning feet in bed. Well, three weeks after starting your capsules it disappeared overnight.

Yours sincerely


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