Improved condition after only 2 months

Improved condition after only 2 months

Dear Good Health,

Just to let you know how happy I am with the Good Health Spirulina tablets.

I have been taking them for over 8 months now. Before I started taking these tablets I had very weak, split, dry nails and also had quite a few pimple outbreaks and lastly, dull, thinning hair.

I saw your Spirulina advertised in a magazine and decided to give it a try. Wow! After 2 months I could see a big difference. My nails started to grow and feel stronger. Not only my nails, but my hair seemed to start glowing, the texture improved and best of all my skin improved greatly.

I was so chuffed that I continued taking them, and today my nails are lovely, long and strong again, my hair is absolutely amazing, it seems to have thickened, and is shiny and my skin is clear and looks totally clean. I love it!
I ran out of the tablets last week and was off them for a week. I noticed that more little pimples seemed to show so I took it as a sign to continue them with NO BREAKS!

Another thing that I noticed was that I don’t need iron anymore. I used to take ion pills on and off, but now I find it’s not necessary. I seem to have a lot more energy which I put down to the spirulina tablets. I think they are the best ever and would certainly recommend them to other customers.

I have since put my daughter on them and she too, is looking better. She was often tired and had weak nails. Now her nails grow much better and stronger and she is a lot more energetic. Yay! Spirulina did the magic trick once again!
I highly recommend your product and will continue advertising it.

Many thanks,
Jill L

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