How to keep Christmas stress free

How to keep Christmas stress free

Author -  Good Health

1.Plan ahead. This one is obvious - failing to prepare is preparing to fail. 

- Have a check list. write out a list of everything you need to do and buy, to avoid the stress of having to get anything last minute
- Share the load. Decide in advance who is doing what within the family and let everyone bring a dish; 

2. Learn to say "no” and choose not to to feel guilty about it. This means not feeling obligated to attend every single party you're invited to. It’s a busy time of year and people understand that not everyone can participate in every single event. Decide which is the most important to you and save your time and energy for the ones you really want to go to. It’s important to enjoy the season the way you want to.

3. Stick to a budget. Overspending, and more to the point, wondering how you’re going to pay it off in the New Year is stressful. Plan how much you'll spend on gifts, food and other expenses and stick to the budget no matter how tempted you are.

4. Don’t stress your digestive system. Try and keep up with healthy eating habits as much as you can. 80:20 is a good rule of thumb. Try and eat healthy 80% of the time. It’s a hard thing to do at this time of year and can cause stress in itself because many of us find ourselves nibbling non-stop or overeating, which can leave us feeling guilty later. If you have overindulged try some Good Health Natural digestion to support the digestion of heavy foods. Here are a few tips for eating out:

-Eating at parties? Don’t go on an empty stomach – have a small healthy snack before you go.
- Position yourself away from food.
- Choose options such as hummus or salsa and vegetables, sushi, fruit kebabs; instead of the savouries and mince pies.
- Food that’s steamed, grilled or baked is healthier than deep fried or battered food
- Choose salads that are lightly dressed with vinegar over creamy dressings. Or order your dressing on the side so that you control the amount of dressing.

5. Keep up some form of exercise during the holidays. Exercise helps to:
- Reduce stress and fatigue
- Elevate mood
- Improve sleep
- Helps you to remain calm and clear-minded 

6. Manage your Stress by Indulging Your Senses. Did you know that sensory indulgence can slow your heart rate and help your muscles to relax? Manage your stress by slowing down and appreciating those special moments that create the memories at this time of year. Take a few moments to enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds. 

7. Take a breath. Ground yourself. Take five minutes every day and practise simple breathing techniques. Be aware of your breathing; this is a simple form of meditation that will reduce stress and help you feel more rested.

8. Think positive and schedule time for you. When it all gets a bit much remember that normal life will soon resume. Appreciate the positive side of this time of year like the excitement and anticipation in the air and the sparkle of the Christmas lights. Don’t let your “you time” slip away. Whether it’s a spin class, a beach walk, soak in the bath or some reading time – keep some time just for you at least a few times a week to help you unwind and keep you sane over the festive season.

If you do find your stress levels increasing, try Good Health Stress and Vitality Support, B-Stress Free, Organic Magnesium Ultra, Opti Mag Powder or High 5HTP.

From us here at Good Health we wish you all a stress-free, healthy Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!


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