Liver Love for a Better Life:

Liver Love for a Better Life:

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Knowing your liver 

Located under the right ribcage, the liver is the largest and heaviest internal organ, weighing around 1,4kg. It is also the largest gland and the only organ with two distinct blood supplies; one from the intestines, and one from the heart. The liver is responsible for processing nutrient rich blood from the digestive system, and preventing toxic substances from entering the blood stream. It makes bile which helps the body to break down fat and stores glucose, a sugar responsible for giving you a quick energy boost. The liver also stores some vitamins and minerals during excess intake, releases them in times of deficiency, and creates enzymes needed for detoxification. With so many functions in the body, a healthy liver is central to good health, because above all, the liver’s primary role in the body is detoxification. 

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Does your liver need some love?

Years of consuming sugar, alcohol, caffeine and processed fats can strain the liver. If you are experiencing fatigue, nausea, digestion problems, headaches, afternoon sugar cravings or cellulite, are waking around 2am or have periods of intense anger; your liver needs some love. There are many herbs that can support your liver. These can be consumed in your diet or taken as a tea or supplement. Keep an eye out for rosemary, dandelion, globe artichoke, schisandra, burdock, turmeric, yellow dock and milk thistle. 

Supporting your digestive system

Healthy and unhealthy bacteria colonise the digestive system producing helpful and harmful chemicals. Eating a range of prebiotic, and probiotic foods (or taking a supplement) can modify the digestive system so that there are more beneficial bacteria, and less toxins. Some nutrients needed for detoxification are also absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, so for good liver health, we must also look after the gut. 

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While eating liver loving food is a great way to support your liver, simple steps during the day can promote good liver health. 

Ensure you are drinking enough water, reduce the amount of liver loaders such as coffee and alcohol, and don’t forget to breathe! Simply relaxing the body and sitting and chewing thoroughly, stimulates the ‘rest, digest and repair’ nervous system so that the body can digest, absorb and detoxify more easily. Small steps throughout the day can make a huge impact on your liver, and your everyday health.


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