Luscious locks for winter: 5 nutrients that will restore the health to your hair

Luscious locks for winter: 5 nutrients that will restore the health to your hair

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Shampoos and treatments can support the health of your hair, but if you look to supplementing your diet, you could discover some additional benefits. What’s on the inside will show on the outside, and these five nutrients are our top picks for beautiful hair:

#1. Silky Silica

Silica is nicknamed the beauty mineral. Your body already contains about seven grams but as we get older, our silica levels begin to drop, usually due to low levels in our diet. Interestingly as we get older low oestrogen levels can also decrease the body’s ability to absorb silica.

It is found in our body’s fastest growing tissues, especially the hair. Our hair depends on silica for strength and resilience – it’s the key to preventing hair breakage. If you’re not getting enough of this beauty mineral in your diet, supplementing silica can go a long way to restoring your hair, skin and nails to what they used to be.

One of the most important aspects of silica is the fact that it’s a major building block in the formation of collagen. Collagen is vital to the strength and development of hair, skin and nails.


#2. The Power of Protein

Protein isn’t just for the buff gym-goers; in fact it is one of the most important nutrients you can give to your body. Your hair is made up of 90% protein, so it’s important to keep up the protein consumption to keep your whole body looking and feeling good.

Protein also provides the amino acids needed to create collagen, elastin and keratin (must-haves for beautiful hair). It also stimulates hair repair and renewal by promoting new cell growth; this is important as skin and hair cells are replaced approximately every 24 days.

The best sources of protein are from lean meat, eggs, fish, poultry and whey protein. However, if you are vegetarian or vegan, protein sources from plant based foods like lentils, chickpeas, beans, spirulina, nuts and seeds (such as chia seeds) are good options.


#3. Get Your Zinc Up

Zinc is essential for maintaining healthy hair and is necessary for hair growth. This mineral also supports the formation of collagen (another healthy hair essential). If your hair sheds a lot, you’ve noticed slow growth, or have a dry flaking scalp, you could be zinc deficient.


#4. The Essentials

We’re talking about essential fatty acids (EFAs). These are all the good fats you can absorb through your diet. EFAs help to maintain healthy skin and shiny hair.

Try adding fish oil (omega-3), flax seed oil (omega-3, 6 and 9), avocados, walnuts, olive oil and evening primrose oil to your diet to naturally boost your EFAs.


#5: Amazing Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a hot topic for all its health benefits. Not only is it a tasty addition to meals, it has become a unique substitute in many kitchens, pantries and bathrooms.

Your hair has a protective layer on the outside shaft of each strand. If this becomes weak, it can make your hair prone to split ends. To help replenish, smooth, protect and repair your hair – use coconut oil as a type of hair mask. If you’re prone to oiliness, using coconut oil once a week will be enough, just be generous on the ends of your hair.


Paying attention to what you do to your hair and what you put in your body can go a long way when it comes to restoring your hair to its soft, shiny self. Consuming plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, protein and water is a great way to start your hair-care journey. A little silica here, a little coconut oil there and you’ll have the locks you’ve always wanted in no time.

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