Our secret is Svetol

Our secret is Svetol

Dear Good Health,

We were introduced to your product Svetol, by our local Health 2000 shop in Rangiora, North Canterbury approximately four months ago. Since starting the tablets I have lost a total of 14 kilos (from 72 down to 58) and my husband has lost of total of 10 kilos (from 95 down to 85). We have incorporated the tablets with a healthy living diet (just watching what we eat basically) and we have taken up mountain biking (at leisure).

We had started our new health regime about a month before commencing the tablets and the weight loss was initially quite slow – consequently when we introduced Svetol we noticed a huge difference and the weight quite honestly just started piling off. We definitely noticed the old 4.30pm cravings disappeared and we had an increased level of energy. We believe this particular product is fantastic and have had many comments from family & friends asking what our secret is.

So, huge thanks to Svetol and Good Health New Zealand!

Warm regards,

Good Health Club
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