Spirulina's vital statistics

Spirulina's vital statistics

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Low energy and declining health are often attributed to the nutritional emptiness of processed and convenience foods, amid growing evidence regarding the importance of a healthy diet being our first line of defence against illnesses and toxins. Spirulina provides more nutrition per acre than any other food source, containing over 100 nutrients including vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes. Lets take a look at Spirulina's vital statistics…

Protein punch – Spirulina provides 65% of complete protein (3 times the amount of beef-without the cholesterol) making it great for vegetarians, vegans and those concerned with weight management.

Antioxidant ammunition – A rich source of these natural cell protectors include Selenium and the enzyme Superoxide dismutase. Beta-carotene concentrations in Spirulina surpass that of the mighty carrot by up to 10 times.

B vitamin bonus – Spirulina provides the B-complex vitamins, including B12 to help maintain a healthy nervous system and support adrenal and digestive functions.

Ironing out the mineral deficiencies – Iron is a commonly deficient mineral. Along with magnesium, calcium, chromium and other trace minerals Spirulina is a rich source of readily absorbable iron.

Fat facts – Spirulina contains omega-6 essential fatty acids and the antioxidant oil vitamin E to protect the natural fats in our body.

Acidity antics –Spirulina is extremely alkalinising, meaning it helps restore the body’s acid-alkaline balance. This is useful for over-consumption of meats, starches, sugars, fizzy drinks, alcohol and coffee, as well as excess stress and over exercising.

Friendly flora - Spirulina supports the maintenance of a healthy population of beneficial microorganisms within our digestive tract.

Immunity interest – Spirulina contains polysaccharides that may support the body’s natural immune defences and may help build up the immune system.

Grown in specialised and organic farms on the isolated Kona coast of Hawaii, Good Health’s Spirulina offers superior nutritional profile, quality and purity. For uncompromising protection and quality, Spirulina is packaged in an amber glass bottle.

Who can benefit from Spirunlina?
Young and old – Spirulina looks after everyone
Sports people – Athletes and body builders
Those monitoring their weight management – Without taking nutritional shortcuts
Pregnant and lactating woman – Supports mother and baby
Those currently ‘cleansing and detoxing’ – helps organs with daily functioning and toxin removal

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