Successful conceptions with Femzone

Successful conceptions with Femzone

Hi there,

I just wanted to give you some great feedback about your product Femzone. I bought one bottle of Femzone 3 years ago when trying to conceive for the first time. Although we had been trying already for about 6 months, the month that i tried Femzone (even only taking 1 tablet), we were successful. When we started trying for a second child and had no luck after 3 months, I dug out my old out of date Femzone tablets that I had leftover and started taking one a day again. By the end of the month we were pregnant again. Now it has come time for us to try for a third child, I have learnt my lesson and headed right back to the shop to get another bottle of Femzone. Hopefully we can make it a hat trick!

Thanks again for your beautiful research and development of this great product. I realise my results may not be typical, but it sure works great for me!


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