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New research* has revealed that two thirds of Kiwis experience gut-related issues, but most don’t recognise these as symptoms of poor gut health. What’s more alarming is that instead of seeking professional advice, the majority of Kiwis will opt to wait for their symptoms to pass.

The gut, otherwise known as your digestive system, is such an important part of your body. It’s here that your body digests and breaks down the foods you eat and absorbs key nutrients to fuel and maintain your body— but this basic process is only possible with a healthy digestive system offering good gut flora and healthy supportive immune cells.

A healthy gut also communicates with the brain through nerves and hormones, which helps maintain general health and well-being. So your mood may very well be linked to the bacteria, or lack of, in your gut.





Good Health’s Good Gut Guide:


Introducing Good Health’s Good Gut Guide, a three-step programme created by a team of naturopaths based on science that works to cleanse, rebalance, and protect a healthy digestive function.




Step 1: Body Cleanse

Step 2: Gut Guard

Step 3: Liver Tonic 17500


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